Turn your passion into profits with products you do not even own.

Learn How I quit my high paying job to earning a fulltime income working and travelling the world and doing my passion (dancing).

Working fulltime online is what a program called wealthy Affiliate gave me when I started with them in 2018.
I literally had no skills to make money online but they helped me in 6 months to make a full time income.
How I quit my job
Making your first sale online simple training.
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Getting daily and weekly mentorship with a great community
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Creating your first website with no skill.
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What wealthy affiliate will help you with?
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Who am I?
HI, I am Thabo a young adult who "retired' from his high paying job to work fulltime online.
Currently I am owning many online businesses and mentoring many people around the world.
My making money online journey started off doing direct sales for one insurance company which was new at the time and this was my first step in learning about business while I had a 9-5 job as an engineer.

I learnt so many valuable skills about business, However I left the company because it was not a good business model for me.
At the time nothing was going to stop me from reaching financial freedom.
I started doing my passion online and I started earning on the side while I was in my job only after finding a program called wealthy affiliate because other programs I had tried before had scammed me.
After Joining Wealthy Affiliate I started seeing these results weekly. (Check below).
I realized that I did not have to trade my time for money and I could make money even while I sleeping and travelling the world.
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I now mentor people around the world within Wealthy Affiliate helping them replicate the same results as me (among other businesses I am doing like Forex Trading).